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Nightly Specials




bb’s dinner specials
daily cheese selection
served with medjool dates, dried apricots, candied walnuts, local honey comb
& toasted sour dough

a)cherokee rose ~ georgia ~ cow’s milk, mild cheddar with a smooth creamy texture
with a tangy finish
b)drunken goat ~ spain ~ cow’s milk, soaked in wine, smooth with a mild fruity flavor
c)gorgonzola blue ~ italy ~ cow’s milk, crumbly, salty, blue veined
d)big john’s cajun ~ utah ~ cow’s milk, hand rubbed with cajun spice blend for a mild
kick with a creamy finish

1 cheese $9 ~ 2 cheeses $14
3 cheeses $18 ~ 4 cheeses $21


oxtail “enchiladas” with achiote jus, pickled red onions, braised 13.
black beans, smoky cheddar, queso cheese and micro cilantro
~ torrontes ~ las perdices, mendoza ‘13 7.


orecchiette pasta with grilled chicken and italian sausage, baby spinach,                              24.
house made marinara, roasted cherry tomatoes and parmigiana reggiano
~ wine ~ pinot noir ~ willamette valley “founders reserve”, oregon ‘13                                   11.

pan seared yellowtail snapper with a truffle salsify puree, braised beluga                              28.
lentils with asparagus, watercress salad and pickled cherry vinaigrette
~ wine ~ chardonnay ~ lincourt “steel” santa rita hills ‘13                                                          7.5

pan seared atlantic grouper with a cauliflower carbonara risotto, littleneck                           30.
clams, parmigiana reggiano, spring peas, crispy speck and poached egg
~ wine ~ sauvignon blanc ~ trinchero “st marys” napa ’13                                                          9.5

pan roasted maple leaf farms duck breast with carrot miso broth, sticky                                 26.
purple rice, radishes, scallions, crispy carrot chips and upland cress
~ wine ~ syrah ~ 6th sense, lodi ‘13 8.

pan roasted all natural marinated achiote 1/2 chicken with                                                        24.
mojo aioli, sweet potato-poblano hash, grilled street corn with
chimichurri butter and queso fresco
~ wine ~ rose ~ serpolet, provence ‘14                                                                                               7.

char-grilled pork tenderloin, bbq miso, himalayan red rice,                                                        24.
edamame, hoisin glazed cipollini onions and snow pea-citrus salad
~ wine ~ blue franc ~ shooting star, washington state ‘11                                                             8.

char-grilled 12 oz. new york strip with butter poached brocollini, mushroom                         36.
medley, neuske’s bacon, herbed whipped potatoes, burgundy wine reduction
and roasted shallots
~ wine ~ cabernet ~ robert mondavi, napa ’13                                                                                 12.







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