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Nightly Specials







bb’s dinner specials

daily cheese selection

served with medjool dates, dried apricots, candied walnuts, local honey comb

and toasted sour dough


a)cahill porter ~ ireland ~ cow’s milk, full, rich, tangy and chocolaty with a pungent finish

b)st. andre ~ france  ~ cow’s milk, soft buttery texture with a tangy edible rind

c)point reyes ~ california ~ cow’s milk, sweet, medium-to-strong punch of blue flavor

d)clothbound georgia ~ georgia ~ cow’s milk, a crunchy, crumbly and tangy cheese with a savoury, buttery, malty finish sensation


1 cheese $9 ~ 2 cheeses $14

3 cheeses $18 ~ 4 cheeses $21




house made squid ink ravioli with marinated tomatoes, char-                                                      13.

grilled shrimp, smoked eggplant, saffron cream and arugula

~ wine ~ torrontes ~ las pedices, mendoza ‘13                                                                                    7.




gemelli carbonara with scallops, p.e.i. mussels, pancetta, sugar snap                                         26.

peas, runny poached egg, fresh herbs and shaved parmigiana reggiano

~ wine ~ pinot gris ~ la crema, monterey ‘14                                                                                       7.


pan seared lane snapper with “rice & beans” risotto, chorizo, poblano                                      28.

puree, smoked paprika oil, crispy tabacco onions and micro cilantro

~ wine ~ chardonnay ~ steel, california ‘14                                                                                        11


char-grilled atlantic grouper with romesco sauce, confit fingerling potatoes,                            28.

brussel-fennel salad, tarragon, marcona almonds and lemon vinaigrette

~ wine ~ chenin blanc ~ morgenhof, south africa ‘13                                                                         7.


red wine braised lamb shank with collard greens, pimento cheese whipped                             27.

potatoes, smoked cipollini onions and honey roasted cajun peanuts

~ wine ~ syrah ~ 6th sense, lodi ‘13                                                                                                       8.


pan roasted all natural marinated achiote 1/2 chicken with mojo aioli, sweet                          24.

potato-poblano hash, grilled street corn with chimichurri butter and queso fresco

~ wine ~ rose ~ serpolet, provence ‘14                                                                                                  7.                 


char-grilled 12 oz. pork chop with greenway grits, fava bean succotash, field peas,                26.

sweet corn, georgia cane-balsamic bbq sauce, frisee salad and pickled peaches

~ wine ~ shiraz ~ 19 crimes, south eastern Australia ‘13                                                                8.5


char-grilled new york strip with butter poached brocollini, mushroom medley,                       38.

neuske’s bacon, herbed whipped potatoes, burgundy wine reduction and

roasted shallots

~ wine ~ cabernet ~ freakshow, lodi ‘13                                                                                              9.                             



















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