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Nightly Specials

daily cheese selectionwith medjool dates, dried apricots, candied walnuts, local honeycomb, and toasted baguettea)red dragon~united kingdom~cows milk, semi- welsh cheddar with wholegrain

mustard seeds and welsh ale

b)cambozola~ germany~cow’s milk, is considerably milder than gorgonzola and

features a smooth, creamy texture with a subdued blue flavour.

c)bavaria blu ~ germany~ cow’s milk ~ mellow and buttery with notes of

grass and a bright acidity

d)san simon~spain~ cow’s milk~ this lightly smoked cheese has a smooth buttery texture and a pleasant lightly earthy taste.


1 cheese $9 ~ 2 cheeses $14 ~ 3 cheeses $18 ~ 4 cheeses $21




blackened mahi-mahi tacos with a chipotle aioli, napa cabbage                 12.

slaw, radishes, queso fresco, and house made pico-de-gallo

wine ~torrontes ~ toneless, mendoza ‘10 6



fettucini pasta with marinated ribeye, caramelized onions,                         23.

portobello mushrooms, baby spinach,  bb’s rooftop oregano,

summer squash, and shaved asiago

wine ~ sauvignon blanc ~ steelhead, north coast ‘11 6


pan seared flounder with a confit fingerling hash, scallop-                         28.

potato soubise, neuski’s bacon lardoons, grilled asparagus,

and a frisee salad with bacon vinaigrette

wine ~ viognier ~ cambria, santa maria valley ‘12 8


char-grilled ahi tuna with prince edward island mussels,                           30.

chorizo risotto, roasted bell pepper sauce, and crispy

tobacco onions

wine ~ chardonnay ~ domaine napa, napa ‘11 750


pan seared maple leaf farms duck breast, with black eyed peas,                 27.

tasso ham, snow peas, marinated tomatoes, cornbread croutons,

and a dukes boldcity bbq sauce

wine ~ bordeaux blend ~ chateau de l’estang, france ‘08 6


mojo marinated grilled 12oz. all-natural pork porterhouse with                  26.

smoked poblano creamed corn, roasted potatoes and baby

heirloom tomatoes tossed with grilled salsa verde.

wine ~ carmenere ~ primus, colchagua valley, chile ’11 7


slow roasted springer mt. all natural ½ chicken, with a southern                  24.

hominy succotash, savory tasso ham-smoky cheddar bread pudding,

pico de gallo, and an ancho bbq sauce

wine ~ pinot noir ~ buena vista, sonoma county ‘12 7


“bacon wrapped tenderloin” grilled florida black angus beef and                     32.

grilled neuske’s bacon with fricassee of mushrooms, sweet peas

asparagus and cipollini onions, whipped potatoes and a

green peppercorn bordelaise

wine ~ cabernet ~ arrowood, sonoma county ‘09 1100





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